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Schema-Focused Therapy

Our method aims to innovate and go beyond traditional behavioural therapy methods.

It is primarily focused on treating pathologies such as personality disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and so on.

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How can we help you?

Thanks to our consultations, we can provide regular medical and psychiatric follow-up to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for personalised psychiatric care in a comfortable and professional environment, you can make an appointment with me in person at a renowned private clinic in the northwest area of Madrid or in the centre of the capital (Goya area), where I will be available to offer you the best medical and psychotherapeutic care in a welcoming and high quality space.

Online consultations are an alternative to face-to-face consultations. You can quickly and easily connect with our psychiatrists from the comfort of your own home via videoconference or video call. Our online consultation service allows us to assess, diagnose and pharmacologically treat anyone in the world who has a mobile phone or computer with an internet connection.

Our therapies are founded on professionalism but also on empathy and closeness, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment essential for effective therapy. So, practically speaking, it does not matter how we begin to work; the important thing is that we begin.

We also provide online psychotherapy, which, while not creating the same atmosphere as face-to-face therapy, is still a viable option for some patients.

We offer psychiatric and psychotherapy home care for those unable or unwilling to visit our centre (e.g., in cases of dementia, serious illness, or mobility problems). In these situations, the psychiatrist or psychotherapist will visit the patient’s home on a regular basis home to give individualized monitoring of the problem.

We offer the possibility of arranging psychiatric admission to renowned centers in Marbella or Madrid if necessary.

Training programs in Schema therapy are available in English for health care personnel, resident doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. The courses are in collaboration with internationally renowned psychotherapists and in cooperation with Dr Eckhard Roediger’s IST-F (“Institut für Schematherapie” – Frankfurt).

  • Balint groups: are think tanks for health professionals in which interactional and/or emotional issues between a doctor and a patient are discussed in an anonymous and safe environment under the direction of an experienced psychotherapist.

    Neglecting the relational aspects that arise between our healthcare providers and patients not only puts a strain on those providers but may also indirectly raise the costs of our healthcare system over time.

    We offer our health professionals the opportunity to attend Balint reflection groups under the supervision of a psychotherapist in an attempt to recapture the humanistic spirit of our practice.

  • Psychotherapy groups: patients in this model of psychotherapy, which has grown in popularity in recent decades, tend to experience more quickly and effectively emotional change and improvement than they would in individual therapy alone. Furthermore, at a much lower cost.

Beyond conventional therapy

During our sessions, we will discover not only the origin of your pathology but also new ways to behave that will make you feel better. Significantly more effective than other therapies. During therapy, we delve into your memories, emotions, thoughts, and sensations, which involve more intense brain activation.

What is Schema therapy?

Schema therapy is based on patterns made up of memories, emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations about oneself that develop throughout our lives, especially during childhood.

This therapy began as a treatment for people with personality disorders. However, it is now used to treat various psychiatric disorders, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc.

The goal of Schema therapy is first to make us aware of the presence of these schemas, understand their origins, and then look for new behaviours that make us feel better.

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